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Currently open for self-collections DAILY and deliveries on WEEKENDS only.
Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.


    Delivery Fees

    Delivery fee is chargeable from $15.00 per address.

    This excludes certain areas like Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Tuas, Jurong Island, selected university campuses, airport terminals, hospitals and hospices - please view full list of chargeable locations below.

    Delivery Availability & Timeslots

    Deliveries are available on WEEKENDS only. Choose from our regular timeslots: 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. 

    Final delivery times are dependent on availability of flowers as well as our delivery schedule for the day. For example, if your order requires a certain type of filler flower or foliage, we usually check with a few nurseries to locate it for you. Due to this coordination process, it means that your order may be delayed at times. We will be able to update you if that's the case.

      Advance Notice Before Delivery

      As a gift-giving company, we strive to ensure an element of surprise at the point of delivery. This means that we will never call the recipient in advance to inform them that they will be receiving flowers soon.

      We will only call the recipient if we are unable to locate him/herat the delivery location. At times, this may lead to non-delivery should the recipient not be present, which may in turn lead to a redirection/redelivery fee (unless you have checked the box that allows us to leave the flowers at the doorstep).

      If you prefer us to skip the surprise to ensure a smoother delivery, please indicate that you requireus to notify the recipient to schedule a delivery date/time at his/her convenience.


      It is the customer's responsibilityto ensure that the recipient will be at the delivery address on the date and time you stated during the order confirmation.

      The Bloom Room will not accept responsibility for late/non-delivery under the following conditions:

      • Incorrect/incomplete delivery address given.
      • No such person at delivery address.
      • Recipient not present during stated delivery hours at delivery address. Eg: recipient on leave / MC when delivering to a office address and receptionist refusing to grant access into premises or sign off for him/her.
      • Recipient not picking up the phone to accept the order.
      • No valid contact number given.

      Should our delivery driver encounter any difficulty during delivery, he or she will only wait at the delivery location for a maximum of 15 minutes before moving on to other deliveries.

      For redirection and redelivery of orders, there will be a surcharge of $15.00 p/trip. This is if the delivery driver goes straight from the failed delivery attempt at the delivery location to an alternative address.

      If the delivery driver is expected to return to the shop with the bouquet (+$15.00) for redelivery another day (+$15.00), kindly note that there will be a total of $30.00.

      Should the order be cancelled as a result of the customer not wanting to pay the redirection/redelivery fee, no refund will be given.

      If we cannot get in touch with you to rearrange a redelivery date, the bouquet/arrangement will be disposed of after 2 working days (by then, the flowers will no longer be fresh or fit for delivery). No refund will be given.

      Contactless Option - "Leave At Doorstep"

      To avoid a redirection/redelivery fee, you may check the "Leave At Doorstep" box before checkout. This gives us permission to leave the flowers at the recipient's door if we are unable to reach the recipient.

      Our delivery drivers always tryto put the flowers in a safe corner, away from sight and the elements. We will take a photo to prove that delivery was successfully done if this is the case. You may request for us to send the photo to you.

      However, it is not always possible to do this at certain addresses (such as​ gated condominiums and​ landed properties).​ For instance, our driver may not even be able to gain access into a locked condominium. Or, certain landed properties may have public doorways. So even if you checked this option, it will not always be possible to do so even if you checked this option - we will use our best discretion.

      ​So even as we encourage you to check the box for this option,​we do not take responsibility for​ undelivered orders,​lost​​orders or for flowers ruined by the sun or rain​ - if your recipient is not home.

      Lost/Damaged Items

      Once the delivery order has been signed, we do not bear responsibility for any lost/damaged items. This include flowers and gifts that are left at the delivery location, such as office receptions, places of business, and home addresses etc.

      Delivery Fees for Restricted Areas

      There will be additional delivery feesfor certain restricted areas, as a longer time and effort is required to gain security clearance.

      Special Address






      Marina Bay Sands

      Selected University Campuses ie NTU, NUS, International Schools



      Special Address


      Airport Terminals Including Jewel/ Cargo Complexes



      Sembawang Shipyard

      Airline Road

      Military Camps

      All PSA Ports, including Singapore Cruise Centre                            


      Special Address


      Jurong Island

      (Delivery driver’s van license plate number has to be submitted by customer to Jurong Island security office for clearance beforehand).





      *For standard orders only. Excluding corporate/weddings/events orders.