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Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.
Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.

Should I Get Roses?

Actually, you don't have to get roses just because it's Valentine's Day. Here are five flowers that will not only work beautifully in any bouquet, but also help you to score brownie points (because you're such a thoughtful dude!). 


Ra...what? Don't let this strange-sounding name put you off. Also known as Persian buttercups, ranunculuses are really pretty blooms that look somewhat like mini peonies. The best thing about ranunculuses is that they come in a myriad of colours, like red, pink, yellow, orange and white! So, if your girl has a favourite shade, chances are you'd be able to pick out a bouquet of ranunculuses that will work nicely.


If your girl is outdoor-sy, adventurous and unconventional, you may want to go for something a little... wilder. These are usually available in a gorgeous mix of textures and colours, from bright blue blooms to spherical baubles to forest green shrubs. The great thing about them? They look wonderful on their own but also work well as accompanying fillers. 


Hydrangeas are one of our bestsellers – they're dreamy, romantic and come in many pretty colours, like snow-white, rich blue and soft pink. With the variety of shades available, they tend to go well with almost any type of flowers in a bouquet. Plus, they look great on their own too. The downside? These blooms are extremely fragile and unpredictable, wilting into a shriveled ball if left out in our hot and humid weather for a tad too long. Order this only if you're certain that your gal adores but also understands the fragility of hydrangeas. 


One of the most popular spring flowers of all time, tulips are imported to Singapore direct from the colourful fields of Holland. All these years in the flower business and we have not met even one woman who detests tulips. They're bright, fluffy and too dreamy to be true. Like hydrangeas, they're fragile and best kept in air-conditioned rooms (so don't order this if you're planning a day-long date on Valentine's Day!). But they come in so many pretty colours that you'd be spoilt for choice! 


Dahlias are beautiful but uncommon here, primarily because most dahlias tend to arrive in Singapore with weak and falling petals. But once in a while, we get a batch (or two!) of high-quality dahlias in gorgeous hues like blush pink, burnt sienna and two-toned red & white. And they are simply breathtaking in a bouquet. Ask your florist if dahlias are likely to be available on Valentine's Day – you may just be able to get hold of a few stalks if you're lucky. 


Text: Jaclyn Lim | Images: The Bloom Room Singapore

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