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Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.
Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.

The Balcony Chapter

We're back! 

In the past year or so, we’ve been on an “indefinite hiatus”. It’s a vague term, we admit. On the one hand, we felt that it was too logistically difficult to continue on at that point in time. Yet on the other hand, we felt so attached to The Bloom Room brand that we found it too emotionally difficult to erase its existence entirely. 

The truth is, ever since I became a mummy, I felt a very drastic shift in priorities. This floral business, a mainstay in my life since my twenties, had to take a backseat. I struggled through my firstborn’s early years and changed the business to suit her needs and hours. Nothing was more important than being there for her when she was sick, and fetching her to and from school. 

Then the second came along. And things got even more complicated and draining. Even though we made the tough decision to start him in IFC when he was just  two months old (!)  just so I could work, my heart was constantly torn. He would fall sick almost every week, then the elder one would fall sick too. Then there would be hours standing in line at the clinic worrying about whether our flower deliveries would be delayed and if customers would be inconvenienced or upset.

This went on for a full unrelenting year. 

When he was hospitalized at KKH and I saw him struggling to breathe, yet I had to physically be at the store to ensure that flower deliveries went out as normal, I felt that it was time to just… stop.  

Being a mother should come first, no matter what. 

During our hiatus, it was comforting to hear that people remember - and appreciate - the brand. To the regulars who emailed us, thank you. And to the corporate partners who gave us opportunities, thank you too. It kept us going and planted the seeds for us to consider a comeback, one way or another. 

But with two kids still in preschool, we’ve decided to bring back The Bloom Room in another form - a home-based floral studio. It will allow me to be there for our kids when they need me. The webstore is the same as you’d remember, and every order that goes out will still be crafted by me, and me alone. 

For now, we will be popping up online this Mother’s Day 2024 (9 - 12 May 2024).

After this peak period, our new operating hours will be adjusted, so please follow us on our socials to stay updated!