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Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.
Currently open for self-collections/deliveries on WEEKENDS only.

Conveying Your Condolences

As you prepare to send sympathy flowers, it can be challenging to find the right words to convey your condolences.

Here are some examples: 

Keeping it simple:

We recommend keeping it simple, as it is often a safer approach most suited for recipients who are not close to you, such as colleagues and business contacts. 


  • With Deepest Sympathy
  • With Deepest Condolences
  • With Heartfelt Condolences
  • In Loving Memory of [Name of the deceased]
  • So Sorry For Your Loss
  • Sharing in Your Sorrow 
  • Heartfelt Sympathy


Appropriate for the passing of elderly parents/grandparents: 

  • 福寿全归
  • 福徳全备
  • 人往西升
  • 五福全人
  • 名留千古
  • 古道长存
  • 含笑西方 (suitable for ladies)
  • 百世流芳   (suitable for ladies)
  • 音容宛在   (suitable for ladies)
  • 芳名不朽   (suitable for ladies)

Heartfelt messages:

If you prefer a longer, more heartfelt message to adequately convey your feelings of grief, you can consider these options:  

  • Thinking of you and your family, at this time of loss.
  • You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  • Our hearts and thoughts are with you as you mourn. 
  • Please accept our deepest condolences.
  • Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow. 
  • My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. 
  • May peace and comfort find you at this difficult time. 
  • May the memories of [Name of the deceased] help you to find peace and comfort.


Please do remember to include a To and From in your card message, as the family of the deceased will collect these condolence cards in order to thank those who sent flowers.